Andy Khun’s 2022 experiment
Andy Khun's "How to buy cheap Bitcoin with Ethereum"
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이강훈 작가는 2022년 1월 3일부터 365일 동안 날마다 슈퍼레어에 비트코인 드로잉을 연재한다. 슈퍼레어 이강훈 작가 페이지의 프로필 이미지
The profile page for Andy Khun, who will release a Bitcoin drawing NFT for every day of 2022 on SuperRare.

"How to buy cheap Bitcoin with Ethereum" (SuperRare)

Andy Khun is a renowned illustrator and artist. These days, trying to distinguish between art and commercial art is pointless. As someone who rejects such categorizations, Khun has achieved success in both genres. Yet every time Khun drops a new piece, I can't help but wonder: Are Andy Khun the artist and Andy Khun the illustrator fighting for space in every piece?

Kuhn's graphic lyric collaboration with BTS (2020)
Khun's graphic lyric collaboration with BTS (2020)

Khun seamlessly slid into the NFT space in late 2021. Throughout 2022, he will drop an NFT every day as part of his Bitcoin drawing series. These will be released on SuperRare. Fans have seen Khun's drawings through collaborations with BTS and other K-pop stars. The theme of his Bitcoin drawing series is, "How to buy Bitcoin cheaper using Ethereum." He's selling Bitcoin drawings, but will only accept Ethereum. Provocative. Khun has often asked himself, "Could people be as crazy about art as they are about cryptocurrency?" Could a Bitcoin drawing sketched out in his spare time become as valuable as Bitcoin itself?

Kuhn made his NFT debut in 2021. Image source:
Khun made his NFT debut in 2021. Image source:

An artist's approach to crypto is worthy of attention. Sometimes, artists seem thrilled at societal changes. Other times, they're more pessimistic. This bipolar response to social shifts is part of art. Museum director and curator Lisa Phillips describes the tradition of modern art as something that both praises and mocks contemporary culture, particularly after the advent of pop art. This is why critics of modern art often call it incomprehensible or overly theoretical.

Procedural art is art that's revealed in pieces or phases. This is reminiscent of conceptual artist Kawara On, who would inscribe the date on the canvas on every day he created. Khun plans on drawing upon each day's "Bitcoin issue" for each piece in his Bitcoin series. Some enthusiasts of crypto art may be reminded of Beeple's work. It's also notable that Khun's work will be featured on SuperRare, which is known for its high standard of curation for digital art.

Kuhn made his NFT debut in 2021. Image source:
Khun made his NFT debut in 2021. Image source:

"As always, my work begins by asking a question," Khun says. "If one of my Bitcoin drawings exceeds the value of 1 BTC, does that validate the value of collectibles, or is it evidence of nothing more than a scam? We'll see how the crypto community answers such questions. Jan. 3 is Bitcoin's birthday, the day of its original "genesis block." The day crypto was born. What could be a more fitting day to launch Khun's Bitcoin drawing series?

This article was originally featured at Digitally Yours,. Digitally Yours, introduces notable NFT artworks. 

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